Ready, steady go for a bigger brain

Published by: Sarah 3 May 2016

Did you see in the papers today that running and other types of cardio exercise contribute to people having larger brains, better memories and clearer thinking?

And those that are unfit or do little cardio exercise have proven to have smaller brains and lower cognitive function.  Yikes!  Well it got me galvanized into action this morning and my partner and I went for a run.  Something we do but not that regularly. 

After the first circuit, I was ready to stop but my partner wanted to do a second one. I reluctantly agreed thinking I'd stop half way round when I'd had enough.  But something took over.  I started to imagine the finishing line and how exhilarated I'd feel.  I kept on imaging the last leg, time and time again, and hey presto, I made it!  It did feel good and I even caught myself saying 'Why did we stop, I could have done another one!' I am not sure that was true but in the moment it felt like that. 

It did remind me that when I have a vivid picture of the goal, what ever it happens to be, and when I imagine how I'm going to feel when I get there its a massive motivator. 

What about you?  What keeps you going when the goal seems impossible?  What stops you from throwing in the towel? What keeps you motivated?  Let me know in the comments below

If you want to see the article that got me going this morning – here’s the link


- Sarah