“21 Days to the new you
with more success, better relationships and improved
health and wellbeing.”

Make your good habits stick!

Imagine having more than enough energy and vitality and
finding day-to-day life a joy rather than a drudge.
Your relationships are more fulfilling and you now have control of your emotions. As a result, you are more successful than ever and people are noticing!

Maybe right now, you feeling overwhelmed.
Perhaps you wonder how you are going to get everything done.
Possibly you’re losing it with others and your relationships are unravelling. May be your energy is low and you’re finding it difficult to motivate yourself.

Would you agree if you currently feel overwhelmed and are finding it difficult to cope with the challenges of life, that you need some new strategies?

But perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to attend one of my training sessions or work with me personally to get yourself back on track. If so, let me introduce you to the ‘Choose to Thrive 21 Day Challenge’. Daily nudges that will prompt you every day to do something for yourself that will increase your energy, vitality, focus and productivity.

Who is this for?
This is for you if you agree that you have more than enough to do? This is for you if you find you play lots of different roles in your life
– partner, sibling, child, parent, boss, subordinate etc.,
but you can’t play any of these roles well if you don’t look after yourself. It’s a bit like the oxygen mask on an air plane.
You have to fit your own mask on first before you can help anyone else. And the same is true for life. You have to look after yourself first before you can serve others.
These gentle daily nudges will help you do just that.
It’s like having your own personal coach in a box.
These cards are filled with practical ideas that you can follow immediately to improve your current situation and Choose to Thrive.

The Thrive Cards will retail at £19.95 per pack + P&P in the UK
if you purchase between 2-49 packs  it’s £15.95 per pack
between 50-99 packs it’s £12.95 per pack
over 100 packs it’s JUST £10.95 per pack.

Leave these cards somewhere you will see them,
so that you remind yourself to take action every day.

Either choose a card at random or
work through them all sequentially.

You’ll see that they will work best
when you accumulate your actions
rather than treat them as one-off exercises.

I hope many of these actions will become
lifelong habits
that will serve you well.

Here’s What Other People Are Saying

“Each day you have 2 choices, to have a great day or not! Sarah’s Self Care Cards support me to have a GREAT day each and everyday.
They are quick, simple and extremely effective in helping me to look after number 1 no matter what life throws at me! Get a pack now, your future self will thank you for it!”

Jessen James Chinnapan – Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Multi-Award Winning Speaker, Speaker Coach & Father


“I think the cards are great.

Some of the nudges I already consciously address but others are very useful reminders.”


Paul Dean  – Partner at HFW – Law Firm
Friary Court, 65 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AE

Get Your Thrive Cards Today and Feel the Difference in Your Motivation Levels

The Thrive Cards will retail at £19.95 + P&P in the UK

Why You Need These Cards:

The Journey

Have you ever started off well on a new goal such as losing weight or saving more money, only to find that motivation fizzles after a period of time?

New Year’s resolutions are typical and are bound to fail, with only 8% of people sticking to them past January.

Often that is because the goals are all or nothing – motivating at the start but hard to keep up.

The Science

Recently a neuroscientist, John Salamone, has shown that dopamine has an effect on motivation. If your dopamine in low in a certain area of your brain it makes it more difficult to motivate yourself to do things that are hard.

And willpower also has a part to play. Researchers at Colombia University have shown that willpower is a finite resource. We have only a certain amount of willpower every day which is diminished by decision making. The more decisions we have to make every day, the less willpower we have.

The Benefits

The answer to maintaining maximum willpower and motivation is routine and making things easy to achieve. The more routine you can build into your day, the less decisions are required, the more willpower will be maintained. The smaller and more achievable the goals, the more likely they will become habits.

And that is the beauty of these daily cards. Build them into your morning routine and begin the step by step actions which will become habits over the course of the next 21 days. The only decision you have to make, is to start.