Operating collectively allows us to undertake everything from individually tailored work to large-scale organisational interventions:

“Since starting my coaching career in 2000, I have always sought to work and connect with inspiring individuals who share my philosophy. I’ve been privileged to meet and work with the best in the business, and I’m proud to lead a team of colleagues I trust and admire.“

– Sarah  


We take pride in seeing clients succeed and remain connected through a process of continual learning.  


We’re happy to introduce selected companies whose work supports our values of thriving and living by design. Each of their products and services has been found personally beneficial:

Back in Action UK – Lifestyle Assessment

“A real wake up call that changed my behaviour immediately”

Zing Up – “A scientific programme that really improved my cognitive function”

Break Through To The Life You Deserve“I have got enormous value from working with Andy Harrington over the years;

I suspect “Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve’ will be no exception.”

– Sarah