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A day by design, not by default

As we prepare for the day: We consider how we can be our best. How can we serve our clients and those dear to us?

We commit to focusing on what matters and letting go of what doesn’t.  What is the wisest possible investment of our time and energy? 

We choose consciously and wisely, keeping what’s important to us at the front of our hearts and minds. We also accept that we’re human and won’t always get it right:  we have compassion for ourselves and others.

When we live on purpose, each day is another opportunity to be extraordinary. 

The principles and values that guide us throughout our day are Learning, Great Work and Community


Physis  –  (Greek: φύσις)

A theological, philosophical, and scientific term usually translated as “nature”.“Physis refers to the certainty of growth and the fact that we are destined to thrive”…  learning is the most explicit display of human physis”.

as quoted by Giles Barrow; in his essay Educator as Cultivator 


Great Work 

The imperative to do great work unites us with our clients, colleagues and collaborators. It is the essence of our contribution and drives our every choice.



We choose to spend our waking moments with like-minded people who want to thrive and seek positive change in their own lives and in the world. We grow together, continually sharing leading-edge thinking with our partners, colleagues and clients.

What our client say


A small amount of time spent in coaching with Sarah will turn questions about the purpose of living into a blueprint for living with purpose…
In a world where the demands on our time and very ‘self’ have never been greater, Sarah helps develop and catalyse thinking to ensure you’re (thriving) living a life of purpose – your purpose.
Sarah draws from a vast array of coaching styles, tools and experience to create sessions that are always tailored to you, and – most importantly will work for you.

Nick Wray

Partner, Wray Associates

Coaching has made me more confident in my role and clearer about what I need to do to be successful. The process helped manage my barriers/problems in a reflective way which I believe made me then make better decisions… I can manage my staff better and be clearer about what they need to do to be better managers.

Robert Black

CEO - Kensington & Chelsea TMO

Sarah is a great listener and very intuitive, knowing the questions to ask to help you self-evaluate, she was never afraid to be contentious to push me to question myself but more than anything I credit Sarah with teaching and supporting me with great techniques to improve confidence and stay true to my values.
A phenomenal woman and an excellent coach I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone looking to become the very best version of themself!

Charley Maher

Managing Director at Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd

Coaching has made me realise that I can choose how I use my mental capacity (i.e. what I think about) and that it is limited. I am now more conscious of that and manage it to get the best outcome for me.
I now recognise and am conscious of an individuals’ style rather than taking things personally.
Sarah helped me to understand what I bring when I bring my whole self to my job – the richness is in being myself. I have far more understanding and therefore confidence in my personal brand and my values.

Jo Harris

Director, Lloyds banking Group

I am thriving in a challenging role, where I am developing and growing daily. I have an unwavering commitment to nurture my outside of work needs, embracing and prioritising an active and healthy lifestyle that drives the choices and flexibility I offer professionally. As a result, I am sleeping better, feeling more energetic, and with a more positive orientation towards work than ever before. I am serving as a positive role model for my department and colleagues and feeling very confident in this balance. My overall physical and mental health have improved as a result of the choices made as a result of coaching with Sarah.

Shelley Gonsalves

Head of Development, Delivery and Support, Teach First

I found Sarah to be one of the most effective coaches that I have worked with during my career.
I was able to identify a number of important areas to improve on and find methods and techniques to help maintain that improved performance. As is often the case with personal development, I found the coaching to be useful not only at work but also in other areas of my life.

Les Matheson

Managing Director, Products & Marketing, UK Retail The Royal Bank of Scotland