ZingUP: Tailored brain-training

The brain is plastic and can grow new neural pathways quickly and effortlessly throughout life.

“A few years ago I found myself below-par as a result of a prolonged period of stress. I wasn’t thinking straight, couldn’t trust my memory and was easily overwhelmed, sometimes responding in a highly emotional way – it was difficult to cope. When someone suggested I could improve my cognitive skills and feel 100 times better in the process, I didn’t really believe them – but thought it worth a try. 

A free assessment showed that my working memory, reaction speed, memory recall and memory processing speed were very low; predicting with startling accuracy my general state of mind and level of function. I signed up for ZingUP; a scientific programme made up of on-screen skill tests and simple physical activities, designed to build new neural pathways. 5 minutes twice a day didn’t seem much – yet before long I was astounded by the results. A reassessment after 2 months demonstrated a huge improvement in functionality: 

Memory processing skills up 40% 

Working memory up 27% 

Memory recall up 24% 

Spatial working memory up 16% 

Visual tracking up 14%

Most importantly I felt these improvements deeply in my improved memory, clear head and restored ability to cope. (It even improved

my tennis game – seriously!)”

– Sarah